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Among finishing materials, ceramic tiles and ceramic floor tiles are famous for their longevity, unique design, suitable size and each tile has its own style to make any room look more elegant and modern.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is a material reserved for wall and floor finishing carrying out two “jobs”; technical and aesthetic. It is resistant to cracks, will not deteriorate unduly in service and have long developed resistance to precipitating factors. As to aesthetic aspect, it has ravishing design to make the space look stylish.

Porcelain and ceramic floor tile

Porcelain stoneware has won widespread currency fairly recently. It is an extra-strong surfacing material. It is made out of ground rocks of various mixtures based on high-grade clay and natural mineral colorant. Such a tile is indispensable both for places with high level of traffic and humidity;

  • lobby
  • corridor floor
  • hallway
  • porch

Cheap ceramic mosaic tiles

“A picture or a composition consisting of small pieces of any material”-is the simplest definition of mosaic. Ceramic mosaic is made of pieces of ceramic tiles of different shades produced from glass, smalt, stone and even metal and it is used for decorating kitchen, antechamber, surface of pool and shower room.

  • kitchen
  • antechamber
  • pool surface
  • shower room

Discount floor and pool tiles

One should take the following criteria into account, when purchasing pool tiles; water absorption (shall not exceed 3% level of the European standards proposed), chemical and skid resistance, absence of porosity, great resistance to wear and impact. Clinker and mosaic are more suitable for pool facing.

Marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, granite are utilized as a natural stone. These products are longevous and durable, thus serving as a versatile cladding material. Note, it is strictly prohibited to finish wet environments with limestone or sandstone.

  • summer terrace
  • facade
  • windowsill
  • tabletops
  • stairs

Porcelain bathroom tile

On our website ceramictiles.store one can find collections for shower rooms from famous brands; Vitrex (Antica Roma), Fap (Roma), Serenissima (Wild Wood).

Clinker, mosaic, majolica or sandstone, porcelain stoneware, cottoforte, Tuscan are ideal for facing of bathes.

Porcelain bathroom tile

Majolica, cottoforte, porous plates are ideally suited to be kitchen tiled.

Discount floor tiles for bathroom and kitchen

In case that you choose our discount floor tiles, cheap ceramic tiles, porcelain kitchen tile or porcelain bathroom tile do not hesitate to contact us.