1. We guarantee that our products of genuine origin (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and United Kingdom) and of first quality. 2. We strongly advice our customers to order 5-15% additional quantity of tiles. Particular constraints and unforeseen circumstances may encounter when tiling (tiles may be damaged or cracked). does not guarantee that in the consequences of the above you will be able to purchase tiles with the same color and pattern later on. Tiles with obvious defects should not be laid. 3. does not accept liability for the accidents that may happen by reason of inappropriate tile installation. Remember, ceramic tile can be slippery and only some of them are intended for wet environment. 4. We recommend to constantly maintain the tiles. 5. It should be noted, that the tiles must be installed in accordance with attached instruction provided by manufacturer. Once any application is carried out free of manufacturer’s instruction and as a result a tile appears to be damaged or cracked, will hold you personally responsible. In this case, the tile is non-refundable. 6. Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear, cracks or flaws associated with improper installation, zero of proper care, accident, improper use and misapplication. 7. Neither of ceramic tile manufacturers can guarantee a lifetime of their products, as long as a manufacturer has been informed about where they will be applied. Everything depends on operating lifetime of the material and the material as a whole. For instance, some Italian palaces are finished with the earliest majolica (bicottura) and cotto tile over a hundred years and still performing an aesthetic function. Nevertheless, for advertisement purposes, the manufacturers determine the service life of ceramic tiles.