Cancellation Policy


The buyer has a right to refuse to accept the goods in 14 days period after he/she got the delivery and he/she must take steps to preserve them in a condition appropriate to their nature. Due to the fact that the delivery is carried out using special means of transport, according to the law only the cost of the items is refundable when returning the order (excluding the delivery expenses). In case when costumer cancels and returns delivered order, the transportation costs of the products are paid by the customer.

If any imperfections or damage is found, please inform the Customer Service within 3 working days of receipt of the goods. Either you will be compensated for the cost of damaged item or we will replace it within the shortest possible period.

If the buyer cancels an order, which has been already dispatched, but has not been delivered please contact the Customer Service. We will track your current order and (if possible) withdraw it at minimum costs. Once it is impossible to block the goods in transit, please wait for the goods to be delivered and undertake its sending back. In both cases, the cost of transportation in either direction is being borne by customer.