Delivery Conditions


The prices seen on our website are EX-Works, not including transport, insurance, custom costs and other various incidental expenses occurring.

The prices indicated on our website: - include VAT for the European Union members - the countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein fall outside the VAT (VAT exclusive), as well as special territories of EU (e. g. Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Republic of Cyprus, Gibraltar) - USA and Canada are VAT exclusive countries

A buyer is entitled to a VAT refund or purchase goods net of VAT, if it is a legal entity registered under the VAT Act holding international VAT identification number.

It is to be noted, certain items can be purchased upon a per-box basis. Once requested, the quantity of this item will be multiplied to the number of a full box.

The buyer has a choice to pay for its order using credit card (the maximum amount of one transaction is 6000 euro (or equivalent in another currency)), bank transfer or PayPal service. We are tried-and-trusted partner of PayPal. It means all payments done through a PayPal secure connection are ensured absolute safety. If the buyer decides to pay the price for the goods using PayPal, an extra fee will be charged.


We deliver to - countries of European Union - countries which are members of EFTA (European Free Trade Association ) such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, as well as special territories of EU(). - United States of America and Canada. In occurrence with this, the shipment comprises all the costs related to the delivery charges. Therefore, you don’t have to pay any sales taxes. Please mind, the buyer should comply with our no-return policy in case of delivery to the US or Canada.


The shipment is carried out by large-scale technical equipment equipped with hoisting mechanism for off-loading. The street where the process of unloading will be taking place must have free access for vehicles and the customer has to provide us with an information on enough available space for the products to be unloaded.

Note; additional fees may be levied if delivery must be implemented to - historic centres - narrow alleys - streets with limited traffic for large-scale trucks - islands with ferry service

Note; if you are uncertain that the vehicle will be able to reach a designated address and unload the goods, please contact the Support Service, so that we can choose possible options for other delivery routes before an order confirmation.

If you want to discharge the goods by your own means, please contact the Support Service and we will inform you once the delivery price is reduced.

In the case if you have already paid for delivery in a truck without lifting mechanism and it happened to be impossible to initiate an unloading process, you have to contact the Customer Service within 5 working days upon payment for your order. In this particular case, we will add a transportation surcharge into your invoice (if required) and delivery will be made in a truck equipped with lifting mechanism. If goods are delivered in a truck without lifting mechanism, but based on the terms and conditions of your order a vehicle with lifting mechanism should have been provided, please decline to receive that load and immediately inform the Customer Service. The order will be delivered in a vehicle equipped with a lifting mechanism at an early date possible.


Once the goods are handed over to the first carrier we will let you know via email with an estimated date of delivery (give or take 1 day).

When the goods arrive at destination, the courier will preliminary call you with a phone number provided in your order for specification of time of delivery already in your city (town, village and e.g.).

Once it is not convenient for you to accept delivery when the courier is willing to deliver, please notify your transport company’s representative and fix up a time for delivery suitable for both parties. Please inform our Customer Service if order was delivered without prior approval. Such being the case, reject the goods. The order will be delivered at your own convenience.

Deliver takes place on working days from Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). There is a ree storage time of 3 days. A charge will be levied for further storing at the carrier’s.


The buyer has a right to refuse to accept the goods in 14 days period after he/she got the delivery and he/she must take steps to preserve them in a condition appropriate to their nature. Due to the fact that the delivery is carried out using special means of transport, according to the law only the cost of the items is refundable when returning the order (excluding the delivery expenses). In case when costumer cancels and returns delivered order, the transportation costs of the products are paid by the customer.

If any imperfections or damage is found, please inform the Customer Service within 3 working days of receipt of the goods. Either you will be compensated for the cost of damaged item or we will replace it within the shortest possible period.

If the buyer cancels an order, which has been already dispatched, but has not been delivered please contact the Customer Service. We will track your current order and (if possible) withdraw it at minimum costs. Once it is impossible to block the goods in transit, please wait for the goods to be delivered and undertake its sending back. In both cases, the cost of transportation in either direction is being borne by customer.


You can also collect your order from one of our warehouses in Italy or Spain. In this case, in addition to the cost of the goods the total value of purchase order will comprise the cost of packaging and preparing load for shipment. In order to have the full amount of the value contact Customer Support specialist. The paid-up value includes a storing of the goods within 30 calendar days. You may be charged an extra fee for subsequent storage at carrier’s.

Once your order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email with accurate details regarding the arrangement of transportation, namely: weight of products, quantity of cargo units, depot address, contact information and shipment identification number.

Once the goods leave the warehouse, the entire responsibility is solely carried by the customer.


Once the goods are delivered, they have to pass thorough visual inspection by the buyer. Should any damage be found to the packaging, the customer has to describe it in a delivery note. If it is required, the carrier can wait for the order to being passed content-integrity check. Should any damage or flaw be found to the tiles, please notify the Customer Support within 3 working days, providing a replica of the delivery document, the photos of the goods as they were shipped, as well as the photos of all defective products. You must not give the defective tiles back to the carrier.