This year Cevisama exhibition of Spanish ceramic tiles has been held in Valencia, the city which claims to be the capital of world design. The city already applied to join the World Design event, which will be held in 2022-24.

1. Dark colors

Designers try to distract us from familiar colors (such as white and beige) and focus our attention on strong and intense hues. Black, dark grey and moss green shadings will make one’s bathroom refined, as well as customizable. Black marble-and-stone-imitating slabs and ample choice of tile seizes appeared to be particularly popular and they are not limited to facing and flooring, they also can be applied to ceiling. Metal-emulating distressed and starched surface is worth noting as well, which is amongst the most radical solutions.

2. Flamboyant geometry

There is another trend of bright colors in contrast to previous one. The acid color tones are either acceptable (fluorescent pink, azure, light green and purple). It is suggested to combine these colors with precise geometry.

3. Unusual stone

Imitation of natural stone in ceramics has always been in demand, while new solutions of applications are emerging. For example, great importance is attached to uncustomary hues; white and grey ones are being gradually replaced by blue and green colors. Bright veining of marble, onyx, agate, travertine, as if painted in watercolor in realistic manner – those things are really looking spectacular. Current technologies allow to apply a pronounced massive pattern to ceramics, thus creating an effect as though viewed through a magnifying glass.

4. Floral pattern

Fashionable floral theme appeared in all its glory and became a kind of bridge between fashion and ceramic world. “The return to the nature” is usually depicted on panels or small-format plain tiles complemented by decorative pieces suited for all-over layouts primarily designed in a color scale of the main tile.

5. Art Deco

The style of 1920-30 stormed into interiors. Art Deco motifs became popular again. However, in this case tiles becomes a background instead of emphasis, yet graphic with geometric patterns and ethnic reference. Designers tried to combine various materials and texture on the same surface, thus enabling to achieve a completely new effect. This is the very theatricality in the design.

6. Large terrazzo

Large format tiles have been a growing trend. The same applies to terrazzo. The coating in the spirit of Venetian mosaic floor caught on a short while ago. Whereas previously there was an imitation of small chips, now the seize of ones was increased, bringing a touch of modernity and providing a jointless flooring.

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