The Ceramics, which is an association of Italian leading brands of ceramic tiles issued a report regarding the trends of the upcoming year. Change is in the air relating to the ceramic industry, inasmuch as it considerably evolved due to achievements in cutting technology and digital printing.

Surface texture

This year manufacturers have dedicated their time and energy into discovering new textures of tile surfaces, maintaining their focus on aesthetic and functionality. For instance, Ceramica Sant’Agostino demonstrates such an elaborate tendency in Lakewood collection, as its finishing material imitates oily wooden planks, as well as Vallelunga’s Cava collection is evocative of an ancient European church flooring.

Thickness range

Numerous companies have taken on increasing the thickness range of tiles from 3 to 30mm. And 12mm tile is the choice of the year, designed specially for kitchen countertops, dressing tables and large dining-room tables. Please, take a look at Mirage Esprit 2.0 collection.

Ceramic wallpapers

Italians are famous for their rich cultural and artistic heritage, which nowadays is applied on massive porcelain tiles with hairline joint while troweling. Thus, rendering an effect of wallpaper with technical benefits of ceramic. Today a plenty of manufacturers sell wallpaper-imitating ceramic tiles in 155x230 sm seize. Please, take a look at 14 Ora Italiana Le Pannellate collection.<.p> Traditions

Ranging from ancient patterns and drawings of 18th centaury to traditional and national motifs, Italian tile manufacturers bring to life the history of craft by applying them on ceramics. For instance, the new collections of 14 Ora Italiana Folk and Sant’Agostion include patterns and colors of Italy’s famous regions. Based on nostalgic feeling, the series are a combination of aesthetic and cultural quality of the past merged with present-day technological innovation.

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