Revigres company presents 5 new collections of porcelain stoneware, thus enhancing the assortment of floor and wall tiles.

The Nodric series is a quintessence of Scandinavia wood species in innovative seize 180sm for creation of sophisticated interiors. It comes in 4 shadings and 5 seizes.

The tiles of CityZen accurately render the organic naturalness of cement being sensible of concrete’s inherent tones and textures, which will lend the room a peace ambience. The collection embraces 5 gamut and 5 seizes for loft-style interiors.

A new Baltic Grey collection is neither the first nor the last marble-mimicking masterpiece such as Statuario White, Absolut Black and Emperador Brown. The series is available in 4 seizes. The strict requirements for accuracy of the cuts will enable to create a noble space without inflation.

The Season is a fabric-emulating collection designed to create a breathtaking atmosphere. It is composed of 7 colors in 30x60 seize.

Elements collection with four-colored glazed tiles will decorate your premises with elegant minimalism.

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